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The department of Lambayeque is located on the coastal plain and combines arid zones, rich valleys, and dry forests. Chiclayo, bordered by fertile valleys and very close to the ocean, is the capital of the department and the commercial nexus among the three Peruvian regions: coast, highland, and jungle

This territory was the cradle of the Mochicas, who lived there between the first and fourth centuries A.D., which makes Lambayeque one of the most interesting archeological destinations in the country.

Chiclayo is well known for its archaeological sites, such as Túcume, Batán Grande and Huaca Rajada. In 1987, in Huaca Rajada, a Moche mausoleum was found. The most significant discovery was the tomb of the lord of Sipan, who archaeologists have concluded was a royal ruler from over 1600 years ago. This important archaeological site was discovered and excavated by Walter Alva.
It is considered to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the last thirty years, because the main tomb was found intact and undisturbed by thieves.

In the fourth century AD, the Moche people buried one of their greatest warlords. He was buried with his head pointing south, his nose and ears covered with gold relics and his feet clad in silver. To accompany him, his subjects sacrificed women, children and llamas, while the finest warriors of the era accompanied their overlord on his voyage to the Afterlife.

Day 1 We will pick you up at your hotel and go to Huaca of the Sun and the Moon that conserves interesting paintings murals of 5 colors (white, black, red, blue and mustard) made with minerals by the moches. After lunch we will visit Chan Chan, the largest city in the world made by mud. Night in Trujillo. (L)



Day 3 In our way to Chiclayo we will visit Lady of Cao who has tatooes of snakes in her arms. Night in Chiclayo. (B,L)

Day 4 We will visit the tomb of the Lord of Sipan in Huaca Rajada. Sipan was hailed as one of the most important archaeological finds of the century. The structure found in Sipán is made up of three pyramids, one of which contained the warrior-priest accompanied by the bodies of his followers. Then will see the body of the Lord of Sipan in the Museum. (B,L)

Lord of Sipan Museum


Day 4 We will visit Tucume, the last city of the Chimus and Sican museum in Ferreñafe. (B,L)

Tucume Museum

Sican Museum


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