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Peru is home of 3000 orchid species. The greatest diversity of species is found in the High Amazon Jungle located between 500 and 3,600 m.a.s.l. Peru surpasses the number of native species found in Colombia and Ecuador, countries that are known because of their orchid variety. 

Orchids require a temperature range consistent with their place of origin: some demand high temperatures and flourish in a hothouse, others are quite content with the temperature of the typical home (temperate house), still others are unhappy if the temperature rises above 60 degrees (cool house).

DAY 1 Tarapoto

Airport pick up in Tarapoto and night in Puerto Palmeras Resort. 

DAY 2 Tarapoto-Moyobamba-Chachapoyas

Transfer to Moyobamba, the Orchid Capital of Peru with more than 2,800 varieties of Orchids.  Visit the vivero of Wakanki with great numbers of orchids such as Anguloa, Brassia, Cataseum, Cattleya, Bollea, Coryanthes, Lycaste, Masdevallia and many more. The most representative is the Cattleya, locally known as "Golondrina".  Night in Casona Monsante. (B,BL)

Catleya maxima


Psychopsis versteegianum moyobamba

DAY 3 Chachapoyas-Santa Isabel-Choctamal

After breakfast in Casona Monsante we will visit the garden with more than 150 varieties of Orchids among them Helcia Marginatha, Odontoglosum Bello, Cochlioda, Masderallia Wurdackii, Tricho Centrum, Schamburria, Stan Jhopea…..  Transfer to Vivero Santa Isabel, located at only 10 minutes from Chachapoyas, Santa Isabel is one of the first Orchidariums in Chachapoyas with more than 150 varieties of orchids among them we will see Solidiniopsis Tigroides, Pragmipedium Caudatum, Paphiopedilum, Oncidium Macrantum, etc..  Visit the “Vivero of Choctamal” located in  Km 17 in the road  to Kuelap, some orchids are: Tricho Centrum, Brassia, Stanjhopea, Telipogon, Tricopillia, Maxilaria Kohelerii, Masevallia Picea…..  This vivero was started by the community of Choctamal  and the Choctamal Lodge.  Night in Choctamal Lodge, high in the mountains.  (B,BL,D)



DAY 4 Choctamal-Forest-Choctamal

Today we will hike up to forest to see the different varieties of orchids in their natural habitat like Odontoglossum Epidendroides, Maxilaria Kohelerii, Lephantes. Night in Choctamal Lodge. (B,BL,D)

DAY 5 Choctamal-Leymebamba-Chachapoyas
Private transfer to Leymebamba.  We will stop in the orchidarium of  the museum of Leymebamba where we can see more than 100 varieties of orchids like :  Orquidea, Epidendrum sp,  Orquidea, Cochlioda noezliana, and others. (B,BL)

DAY 6 Chachapoyas-Chiclayo
Transfer to airport of Chiclayo for your evening flight to Lima.  (B,BL)

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